Thursday, August 23, 2007

Interlude: What I've been up to...

...or, more accurately, why I have been negligent.

The last 4.5 months have been a whirlwind, with changes in my full-time employment. Working for a Japanese subsidiary, they expect Japanese work hours to a degree, which does indirectly cut into my blogging hours as such minor details as feeding myself, bathing, sleeping, drinking saké, socializing, playing baseball, etc. still needs to be accomplished.

Also, I have cut down drastically on working at the wine store, reducing weekly hours roughly by half. Part of the reason has been to accomodate the dreaded "zangyō,"but also due to my budding career as a consultant, as some of my recent post hints.

Aside from the events listed here, I have also been asked to train restaurant staff at such highly esteemed restaurants as EN and Matsuri, with few more training sessions on the horizon.

Toshi has few events lined up for me at Saké Hana on the horizon. I have also began some writing, more in the commercial side.

I also celebrated my birthday recently. It was an impromptu event that was held at Saké Hana, and my friends Masa, Tony, Hideo, and John were able to attend on short notice. We started off with a bottle of Sato No Homaré, one of the "payment" Toshi stashed away for me, then one Dassai 50 after another while feasting on Saké Hana special munchies. After about 4th Dassai, Sakurai-san showed up after a saké event.

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