Friday, November 02, 2007

11/1/07: Couple of News

As some of you already know, things have been really busy for me lately. So busy to a point where I recently resigned from my retail gig. Part of the reason for my job change is that I feel I maxed out my potential after 3 years working for the same store, without real improvement in my responsibility although I have gained substantial knowledge. The other part is that with my increased responsibility in my day job, I need to figure out how I can fully utilize my talents.

I will decide on my future direction in a few weeks. Why few weeks? Well, I am embarking on my trip to Japan from 11/1~11/12. Naturally, my trip will involve visiting breweries to gain further experience and knowledge of saké production. Already, I have on my itinerary a visit to Sakura Masamune, Kobe Shushinkan, and Asahi Shuzo.

During this trip, I really wanted to go to Kamakura area to visit my hometown, and meet up with few people (including a certain saké dignitary. After reviewing my itinerary, it became evident that such plan is far too ambitious. Unfortunately, I cannot visit Kamakura this time, but I have in my mind a plan to schedule next visit to cover Kamakura, Iwate, Fukushima, and Ibaraki.

For now, the next several entries will document my visit to Osaka area.

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