Tuesday, January 20, 2009

11/6/08: Day 7 in Japan Part II - Back to Tokyo

After my too brief visit at Eiko Fuji, I was on my way to Tokyo via Shinkansen. The train left Tsuruoka, and headed to Tokyo via Niigata. Niigata is famous for rice, and it's easy to see why - miles and miles of rice paddies surrounded by mountains and cool breeze of Japan Sea.


I checked into a hotel in Meguro area of Tokyo, as I was planning on visiting a certain izakaya famous among saké brewers and fans. But before that, my reunion with former neighbor Namiko-san awaits.

As Namiko-san works for Veuve Clicquot, we were invited to a wine party at Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown, a premium newly built long-term builf rental facility. Here I am with Namiko-san and Ludo from Oakwood.


洋子さんは現在シャンパンで有名なVeuve Clicquot社に勤め、その接待でOakwood Premier 東京 Midtownのワイン会に誘われた。これは洋子さんとOakwoodのルドさん。

We had such a good time, that by the time we left Oakwood it was well past 9:00 pm. Unfortunately, we were unable to gain entry to the izakaya as we were late. Thus, we had to find a backup plan, and found Ginza Kan izakaya in the neighborhood.

Ginza Kan is modern-Japanese in style, and menu is presented in Japanese paper.

As enjoyable the time spent at Ginza Kan, we were still somewhat disappointed. Best solution was to try some of their sakés.

The food was delicious. This particular dish is minced chicken skewer. We didn't stay out too long, as I was tired from my trip. Next stop is Osaka.

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