Thursday, December 10, 2009

11/26/09: Day 7 in Japan, Part II - Town of Yufuin

The town of Yufuin, along with neighboring Beppu, is famous as resort town for onsen hot springs. Its rusticness is evident from the design of their rail station.

To further accentuate the point, there is a foot bath onsen on the platform.

Surrounded by the moutains, the view is spectacular. Clean air, calming vista, and relaxing hot springs are just what the doctor ordered.

Walking around the town, you can easily locate the hot springs. How do I know? Look for the plumes of steam!

One thing to keep in mind about visiting Yufuin: as onsen ryokan (inn) typically include kasiseki dinner, the town becomes very quiet around 5:00 pm as guests hurry back to take a quick dip in onsen before dinner. By 5:30, most of the shops and restaurants are closed. For those staying in a ryokan without dinner accomodations, they ought to head towards the train station to find restaurants that are open.

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