Monday, February 15, 2010

12/02/09: Day 13 in Japan, Part II - The Autumn Leaves

After Mampukuji, we headed to Kamakura to visit Kayagiya, where they serve the best unagi (grilled eel).

Made in the traditional eastern Japan style, Kayagiya's eel is steamed prior to grilling, resulting in a fluffy texture.

We spent the afternoon walking around the temples of Kamakura and Kita-Kamakura ("North Kamakura") to view autumn foliage. This is a gingko tree at Hachimangu, a temple established by Yoritomo of the Minamoto Clan, whom you may recall from my last post.

Japanese maple back lit by sun in Hachimangu.

More Japanese maple at Hachimangu.

Red Japanese maple providing contrast to the blue sky at Engakuji in Kita-Kamakura.

Japanese maple trees surrounding the pond in Engakuji.

From the other side, looking towards the pond. Lighting creates a much different ambiance.

Simply amazing...

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