Sunday, October 07, 2007

10/1/07: Saké Day Part II: Sakagura

As MTC Restaurant Show ended at 5:00 pm, far too early to call it the night, it was time to celebrate the National Saké Day in style by visiting Sakagura as they held the cask ceremony. Lefty and I made our way to the bar at 6:00 pm, and were promptly welcomed by friendly staff including Mr. Kadoi, Chizuko-san and Momose-san.

After starting my evening with clean, refreshing, and fruity Ugo No Tsuki Junmai Ginjo from Hiroshima, Mr. Kadoi introduced us to couple of Yamagata sakés including refreshing Hatsumago "Ajisai Monogatari" Junmai Ginjo and En red saké. (Mind you, my palate is pretty gone by this point, so I shall post picture instead...)

Now, at this stage, I was hungry. I ordered their Buta-No-Kakuni (Japanese style stewed Pork Belly), a must. I also remember trying something very special seasonal dish about a year ago, and while it was not technically on the menu, Mr. Kadoi had the kitchen produce the matsutake tempura for me:

(Ooooh, so goood... especially when you're toasted...)

Mr. Kadoi then surprised me by asking to be the MC for the evening (apparently, he wasn't sure how much I had to drink earlier today). Lefty, along with two lucky contestants, were selected for cask-breaking. Here are some photos from the rest of the evening:

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