Friday, October 31, 2008

10/30/08: Off to Japan

5:00 AM is usually an ungodly hour, but today was the dawn of a new adventure: a two week trip back to Japan.

The purpose of my trip is clear in one sense - visit breweries and frieds - but also unclear in many ways, as I would be visiting uncharted territories to learn more about my culture. The prospect of meeting my friends in their breweries while anticipation of discovering the unknown had me awake half an our earlier than my alarm.

Unlike the last two visits, my flight will be to Narita. The basic outline of the trip is to spend 6 days in Tohoku (northern Japan) for the first time, back to Tokyo for one night, then 3 days in Kansai (west/central Japan), one night in Yamanashi prefecture, and couple of nights in Tokyo.

The following entries covering two week period will detail my journeys in Japan.

My reflection while riding Narita Express to Tokyo.

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