Wednesday, October 01, 2008

9/28/08: Chai (Brooklyn) and Bozu

This was no ordinary Sunday night, as I had a chance to say farewell to 2 friends I met through Japanese baseball league. Farewell started with Thai dinner at Chai Home Kitchen in Brooklyn, followed by drinks at saké bar/restaurant Bozu. Of course, much thought was given in choosing both venues: Chai is owned by our Shinsengumi team mate, while Bozu is owned by a player from team named Silvers. Here's what transpired:

Papaya Salad

Japanese Styled Fried Chicken. We paired this dish with Daishichi Kimoto.

Duck Pineapple Curry (red curry sauce). We paired this dish with Kaori Junmai.

Yuka-san and Daisuke.

Baked Alaska

Sign for Bozu, located in Williamsburg, Broklyn.

We ordered a bottle of Ugo No Tsuki Junmai Ginjo from Hiroshima. Fruity and balanced, perfect to enjoy by itself.

The bottle with bar counter in the background.

Bamboo light shade by the entrance.

Yuka-san offered much support. Daisuke was our lead off hitter, short stop, and one of the pitchers. Their contributions will be sorely missed next season for sure.

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