Sunday, March 29, 2009

11/9/08: Day 10 in Japan - Food of Kansai

Kansai region in western Japan is very famous for their food culture. Recently, horumon has been a big hit in Osaka. Although this is parts of animals that may be considered less than desirable, its high collagen content makes it popular among women.

Western Japan is famous for "kona mono," or "powder food" which refer to food made from flour. Ramen is one such food, and one can have pretty heated debate about this particular subject matter. This particular ramen was the Dan Dan Ramen I had at a Chinese restaurant in Kyoto.

I believe that there is some sort of unwritten law that if one orders ramen, it must be accompanied by pork gyoza.

When one thinks of mecca of Kansai food culture, it is Dotonbori in Namba. The big crab is one of the landmarks of Dotonbori.

We stopped by Creoru, and proceeded to have yakisoba for appetizer...

...and okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki means "cooked the way you like it," and it's like a cross between pizza and omelet.

Following Creoru, we went to Tako Masa for their famous tako yaki, which is a hot cooked flour ball stuffed with piece of octopus. It actually tastes much better than it sounds. Nothing is better than a smoldering hot tako yaki and ice cold beer.

Of course, there is nothing better than a well-made saké. This is a bottle of Hakuro Suishu I received from Aisawa-san. Nothing is better than a light, fresh nama after all that food!

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