Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The day after touching down, I attended the Akita Saké Tasting. Of course, I was jet-lagged, but the good thing was, I was able to sleep in. What's a litte saké for breakfast?

My enjoyment of these sakés were amplified, with the trip to Akita still fresh in my mind. For example, any time I have Ama No To, I am reminded of times like this.

In the following days, I met up with friends to share the tales from my trip. This should come as no surprise to say that the sakés I chose were bottles that were fresh in my memory, such as the time I brought Také No Tsuyu Tokubetsu Junmai to a friend's place.

Of course, I also had to go to Sakagura. My drink of choice was Hakuro Suishu. (I believe I might have depleted their inventory through subsequent visits.)

The food selection was slanted towards various type of meat, which is a rarity for Daiginjo-grade saké, but at this point, I can convince myself that anything would have paired well with Hakuro Suishu.

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McAlpine said...

I think this is the first time I have came across your blog. Nice pics of food and sake.