Monday, October 12, 2009

8/20/09: Hanging out in Astoria

On this balmy night, I went over to Ms. Aomori's place to hang out with our fellow baseball team members.

As Ms. Aomori recently got back from Japan with a few bottle of souvenirs, the theme was a simple Bring Your Own Bottle.

I figured that this was the perfect evening to contribute a bottle that's been sitting in my refrigerator since last fall, a gift from Kakizaki-san from my visit of Asamai Shuzo. This is their Daiginjo made with local Gin No Sei, polished to 45%.

To complement the sakés, our hosts graciously prepared wonderful Japanese dishes. (It really helps that her S.O. is an accomplished chef!)

The dishes include steamed lobster, grilled chicken, boiled octopus, and...

...essense of crab from Japan.

The first bottle from Japan was Sawa No Izumi Honjozo from Miyagi.

The second bottle was also from Miyagi, by Hidakami Junmai from Hirakou Brewery.

The third bottle was Maruden Tokubetu Junmai from Hokkaido. All three bottles had traditional feel, a taste of saké lover's saké.

I wasn't able to take much of tasting notes, as I was hanging out with Shiro, the pet cat of the hosts. For some reason, it decided that my right leg was the perfect place to spend the evening...

Shaking hand with the kitteh...

Eventually, it really got comfortable...

...before totally falling asleep on my lap. Hey, it's all good!

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