Thursday, September 25, 2008

9/15/08: Joto Tasting at Sakagura

One week before the Saké Week, Sakagura welcomeed two brewers from Joto Saké's portfolio. Mr. Marumoto of Marumoto Brewery(Chikurin label) reknown for harvesting their own organically grown rice, and Mr. Kato from Fuji Shuzo from recently discovered Eiko Fuji label.

As if having these two brewers wasn't a treat in itself, Sakagura offered a "Special Gift" for those who ordered a bottle of one of the sakés being served. The Gift turned out to be a masu with the Sakagura logo, branded by Mr. Kadoi himself. Here's what transpired over the course of the evening:

Meeting Mr. Kato.

Bottle of Eiko Fuji.

First course was Sakagura's intoxicating Masutaké Tempura. The liveliness of nama was perfect complement to the tempura texture. This dish was followed by another dish that pairs well with nama, hiyayakko (chilled tofu, not pictured.)

Next up was Jidori Shio Yaki (salt grilled free-range chicken) and Gindara Yuan Yaki (cod steamed in sweet soy sauce).

My friend Hideo just had to have Chicken Kara-age (crispy fried chicken).

The final dish was Nihachi Soba (soba made with 80% buckwheat and 20% wheat flours). Needless to say, all the dishes paired well with the saké... and that's not alcohol talking!

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