Monday, September 29, 2008

9/25/08: The Joy of Saké

The Saké Week reaches its climax when once again, the biggest show on saké rolls into town courtesy of World Saké Importers. Once upon the time, I used Joy of Saké as a vehicle to make tasting notes on as many sakés as possible. It's a good and noble concept, but let's face it, taste bud goes out the window after tasting 20 competition grade daiginjos or so. Then, you realize that you still have 280 sakés to try...

In reality, Joy of Saké is a grand ol' party for people in the industry.

Here's the photo-essay from JOS:

The event began with Kagamiwari, a traditional barrel breaking ceremony to kick off JOS. The featured saké was Taiheizan's Tenko, Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo that has won an unprecedented 8 consecutive Gold Medals in National Saké Appraisal.

The event was spread over three floor. I began at the top, and found one of my old time favorites Minowamon Jumai Daiginjo made in traditional Kimoto style by the incomparable Daishichi Brewery.

Most of the selections on the top floor was very intense, competition-type sakés.

Third floor with its open center offered a nice vantage point for a shot at table layout on the second floor.

On the second floor, I located a very interesting saké... the one that share the same name as yours truly. Fortunately, the saké was very good!

I came across an interesting looking bottle, made by one of the top producer Okunomatsu.

Second floor also featured Akita Brewers.

The first floor featured some nostalgic selections, including Dassai 39.

In addition, I came across a rare bottle by Shichiken

There were plenty of friends, including Aisawa-san from Také No Tsuyu and Midori-san of Sushi Samba in Miami.

Chad Beverlin of Vine Connections and Toshi from Saké Hana.

Here I am with Midori-san from Joto Saké.

After JOS, I headed to Rai Rai Ken for some of their gyoza...

...and in observance of the Japanese drinking culture, their Miso Ramen to finish off the evening.

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thwany said...

i tried one cup for the first time in my life a few weeks ago at tokyo bar.

it changed my life!