Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9/5/08: Sixth Akita Saké Tasting Event

It's hard to believe that since November of 2006, Akita Saké Club (ASC) is holding their Sixth tasting event already. Like the first time, I am attending ASC Tasting Event as a tail- end of a double header.

My company held off-campus "End of the Summer Party" with buffet and open bar, as it is September after all. I only had 1.5 hours to enjoy this event leading to the start of ASC Tasting Event. Let's just say that downing 3 pints in 90 minutes means I shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle...

For this event, they featured 16 breweries (1 from Iwate) and 38 selections. Because I was not exactly in condition to operate heavy machinery, I was not going to taste all 38 sakes. My strategy was to try the sakés I have not tried before, those that I am less familiar with, and my favorites. On this night, I came across a saké that I've never tried before that I enjoyed tremendously: Mansaku No Hana "Misato" Junmai Ginjo Nama Muroka (SMV: +2, Acidity: 1.6, Rice: Misatonishiki, Seimaibuai: 50%, Yeast: Assoc. #9) by Hinomaru Shuzo.

Developed over 14 years, Misatonishiki (美郷錦) is a rice whose parent strains are Yamadanishiki and Miyamanishiki; therefore, the saké had softness of Miyamanishiki and fruitiness and sweetness of Yamadanishiki. In addition, the unfiltered and unpasteurized nature provided boldness on the flavor with vibrancy of the palate, and yeast #9 provided aromas of melon and Japanese pear.

While I am sure I forgot more than I remembered from the evening, there was absolutely no mistake that "Misato" stole the show.


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