Monday, September 29, 2008

9/24/08: Akita Saké Tasting at Sakagura

On the eve of Joy of Saké, Sakagura hosted an event hosted by Akita Saké Promotion and Export Council (ASPEC). As the name suggest, the event involved five following fine selections: Naba Shoten (那波商店), Akita Seishu (秋田清酒), Suzuki Shuzoten (鈴木酒造店), Tenju Shuzo (天寿酒造), and Hinomaru Jozo (日の丸醸造).

In terms of prefecture-wide promotion, noone does it better than Akita. With their efforts, their events tend to be very popular, and this event was no different as attendees filled the rear area of Sakagura.

Here's what transpired:

Mr. Ohi from Tenju Shuzo, producer of Chokaisan, my perennial favorite at Akita Saké Club Tasting Events.

Manabito Junmai Daiginjo, made by Hinomaru Brewery.

This is a local fish from Akita. Related to sardine, the fish was high in fat with juicy plumpness. Paired well with crisp honjozo or a ginjo.

Brewers in action.

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