Saturday, November 29, 2008

11/4/08: Day 5 in Japan Part II - Akita Nagaya Sakaba

At the end of Ama No To event held in Akita City on Day 3, we went to a great saké bar. As I am spending the night in the same Akita City before traveling to Yamagata, it goes without saying that I'll enjoy my drinks at Akita Nagaya Sakaba.


Namahagé mask is used for a year-end festival to ward off evil spirits.

I wonder what saké I should drink... let me think long and hard...

As I was by myself, I sat at the counter seat. In the middle is a hibachi grill.

No, this is not a corn dog. It's acutally a miso-grilled Kiritanpo, a famous Akita cuisine made using Akita Komachi rice. It went very well with all three sakés I ordered (Kariho Rokushu, Ama No To Umashiné, Ama No To Junkara.) I ordered Kariho (SMV: +5, Acidity: 1.7, Rice: Miyamanishiki, Seimaibuai: 57%), as they were out of Ama No To "Kamé No O Shikomi" Junmai Ginjo. Kariho was excellent: refreshing, crisp, and clean.  
秋田名物のキリタンポ味噌田楽。この一品は今晩飲んだ三種類のお酒全部に合った(刈穂「六舟」吟醸、天の戸「美稲」、天の戸「純辛」。) 売り切れの天の戸「亀の尾仕込み」純米吟醸生の代わりに頼んだ刈穂「六舟」 (日本酒度 +5、酸度 1.7、原料米 美山錦、精米歩合 57%)はスッキリ感がする爽やかな辛口。

The onsen hotel I am staying includes dinner, so I ended my visit with butter- sauteed maitaké mushrooms cooked in aluminum foil.

Luckily for me, the staff remembered me from two nights ago, and were extremely friendly and kind with their services. With great food, saké selection and friendly staff, I would highly recommend this restaurant if you're in Akita.


Tony Alexander said...

Excellent. The kiritanpo looks unusually dark, but delicious nonetheless I think. I'll remember to visit there next time I'm up in Akita.

KCinNYC said...

Yup, the Kiritanpo is prepared with miso before it was roasted, accounting for the darkness.

I was told by Akita Nagaya Sakaba staff that there is a sister restaurant in Ginza as well: 秋田川反漁屋酒場 銀座店 (Akita Kawabata Isariya Sakaba Ginza-ten). If you get a chance to go, I'd love to hear how it is.