Sunday, January 03, 2010

11/28/09: Day 9 in Japan, Part III - Dinner in Osaka

Afternoon was spent traveling to my next destination, Osaka. Osaka is one of my favorite cities to visit for their positive vibe and awesome food. Since I had no reservations, only thing I knew was that I'd meet up with a friend, and go for a random walk.

We came across some izakaya, yakitori, Korean, then this one caught our eye. Isshan is like a yakitori place, except that they cook their meat on heated stones rather than over coal. Apparently, this is style originated in Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu.

Unlike yakitori, you can also order beef, pork, seafood, and vegetables. Here, we ordered minced chicken, chicken thigh, "kurobuta kalbi" pork, and chicken "horumon."

Chicken cooking on a polished stone grill. This type of food was perfect for shochu. My choice for the evening was Kuro Kirishima potato shochu.

We also ordered mushrooms and gyoza.

We finished with their signature rice dish cooked in traditional metal pot ("kama").

They use Kikuchi rice, said to have been served to Shoguns and the Emperor. We ordered "Chicken Kama Meshi," steeped in dashi stock. I could've easily eaten few orders' worth for sure.

My friend and I agree, Isshan is a must-visit! Fortunately, Isshan has multiple locations throughout Japan.

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