Wednesday, January 13, 2010

11/29/09: Day 10 in Japan - Dinner in Yokohama

After a restful night of sleep, I was on my way back to Tokyo. At the JR Shin-Osaka Station, I called my friend to set up plans for the evening.

As we decided on a feast at my friend's place in Yokohama, I picked up few dinner items for the night. Accordingly, my lunch was relatively light pork cutlet sandwich.

My hotel was in Shinbashi, located between Tokyo and Yokohama.

My friend lived in a nice apartment near the harbor area. Before we got to his place, we went grocery and saké shopping at a nearby depachika of Sogo.

Once at his place, we toasted with the sparkling version of Kariho "Rokushu".

Now on to the feast. We started with the sashimi selection...

...and takoyaki from Osaka.

Then came pork served in three different ways: plumpy kuro-buta (berkshire pork) shumai...

...flavorfully marinated buta-yaki (roasted pork, also from Osaka)...

...and incredibly soft and juicy kuro-buta kakuni (braised pork belly).

At Sogo, I caught eye of one of my favorite fish, hata hata. Fatty by nature, it's perfect for grilling and great with saké.

As a signal to end the meal, Yucca prepared suiton, which is a soup with gnocchi-like dumpings. Just a perfect way to end the meal.

The real finish was of course, dessert. When in Japan, I had to have the gigantic Kyoho grapes, which are phenomenal.

For the evening, we went through 3.5 bottles: Ama No To Umashine that I opened three days earlier, the aforementioned Rokushu sparkler, Tenzan "Extra Dry" Honjozo I received at the brewery...

...and Jokigen (Ishikawa Prefecture) Yamahai Junmai Ginjo. Loaded with umami towards the finish, this may have been the best saké I had this year.

Here are the gracious hosts. You can read Yucca's account of my visit here.

Just like the last timewe sure had a great time!!!


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