Monday, January 18, 2010

11/30/09: Day 11 in Japan, Part II - Return To Tsukushi No Ko

After freshening up, it was time for dinner at one of my favorite saké-centric izaaya in Tokyo:
Tsukushi No Ko.

Love the interior!

Started with "that beer," which is a Dassai sparkling nigori.

We started with some mackeral...

...and yellow tail as the first order.

The first saké was Wada Ryu (not pictutred), as my friend who accompanied me has a last name of Wada. Following that, we went with Juyondai Yamadanishiki.

Third saké was Masurao, which is a Yamahai Junmai Ginjo from Ishikawa Prefecture. I recalled liking it very much when I visited last year.

The second order included some rice noodles and fish roe balls...

...and marinated chicken liver. Yes, it was as intense as it looks!

The fourth saké was Hakuro Suishu Nama Genshu made using Miyama Nishiki.

By this time, we were getting more thirsty, so we ordered a 1.8L size of... water. That's a water used to brew saké, sent directly from the brewery.

Next food order included the Japanese staple of "Niku Jaga," which is stewed potatoes and minced meat...

...and order of tofu and stewed pork.

The fifth saké of the evening was Fukucho "Toru Special," which is a private bottling for Tsukushi No Ko.

Fukucho is headed by female Toji, Miho-san, and her picture graces the label.

The sixth saké was Azumaichi made from Yamadanishiki polished down to 50% from Saga Prefecture in Kyushu.

We ended up drinking 2 mega bottles of water. The second bottle was from Aoki Shuzo in Niigata.

Our last food order was Japanese omlet, which is slightly slight and very fluffy. Perfect end to a perfect evening!

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