Wednesday, May 13, 2009

11/11/08: Day 12 in Japan Part II - Tsukushi No Ko

Tonight marks the return to Izakaya
that was recommended by Sakurai-san of Dassai. I tried to go earlier, but a lost in translation moment resulted in missed connections.

I had no such issues this time around. Tsukushi No Ko specializes in saké, and does not carry shochu, beer, or wine. Impressively, most of the selections are nama.

The place is small, seating about 2 dozen customers per session. On the wall are selecions of saké, with similar font as found on bottles.

This is what you get when you order a beer - Dassai sparkling saké.

Having a toast with my friend Yuka, who I know from New York.

Incidentally, Dassai Sparkling was featured in Manga comic.

The food at Tsukushi No Ko can be best described as taste of home, cooked courtesy of the mother of the store manager. We ordered these great dishes:

These 9 dishes and sakés to match set each of us back mere $58 each. Unheard of in NY...

Here I am with the manager. I will certainly be back the next time I am in town!

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