Sunday, July 12, 2009

11/13/08 - Day 14 Part II: Food for Thought

Having added few bottles to my luggage, my priority was to get to the Airport ealry to unload. As the flight was scheduled for early afternoon, most of my time was spent inside the airport.

I picked up few books, walked through countless souvenier shops, and of course, hit the food court for lunch.

One of the great thing about Japanese restaurants is the visually-driven storefront menu. You see these at practically every restaurant.

These plastic models give you a very good idea of what to expect, and in fact, will make you hungry just looking at them - a tremendous marketing tool, if you ask me. I wonder why we don't have these in the States?

Since my first meal was ramen, I figured the last one be might as well. From symbolic standpoint, after a night of drinking, it is customary to finish with ramen - it's just that my night lasted 14 days. Scanning the menu, I decided on this ramen and curry set.

So, what did the real thing look like in comparison?

Not too bad, eh?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

11/13/08: Day 14 in Japan Part I - Trains of Japan Part II

Following the earlier installment, here's part II of the trains of Japan.

Space age-like interior of Shinkansen Hikari(ひらり), which I took from Tokyo to Shin Osaka.

This massive structure of steel and glass is the Kyoto station.

Shinano(しなの), which I took on the Nagoya leg during my visit to Shichiken Brewery in Yamanashi.

Returning from Yamanashi to Tokyo, I took Super Azusa(スーパーあずさ).

View of the rail tracks of the Yamanoté Line.

Traveling from Tokyo to Kamakura is done on Yokosuka Line (横須賀線).

Kamakura also is the terminal for Enoden(江ノ電), which we took to go to my home town of Gokurakuji.

Kamakura leg of Enoden goes through narrow residential areas. Here is a view of the tracks between Yuigahama and Hasé Stations.

A mountain separates Hasé and Gokurakuji. This is the tunnel through the mountain.

Emerging from the tunnel.

After all is said and done, it's time to head to Narita Airport taking NEX...