Thursday, August 05, 2010

12/04/10: Going Home

To work off the calories from the night before, I took a walk to Ueno Park. With luggage. And, by "work off the calories," I mean, to catch the Skyliner to Narita Airport.

At the airport, I had my last meal in Japan. Walking around the food court, I chose Italian restaurant, as I haven't had Italian in about 12 hours. There, I ordered Japanese-style pasta with spicy Mentaiko fish roe sauce.

Up in the air...

It's a good thing Japanese airport isn't too picky on bringing in food, as I was able to bring in juicy pork cutlet sandwich.

Of course, I had to have saké. Little on the brawny side, but a saké nontheless.

Not surprisingly, my time in Japan went by far too quickly. With tons of new memories made, 13 hours are not enough to relive them all.

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