Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/21/09: Day 2 in Japan, Part I - Tokyo

The hotel has free breakfast, which is assortment of bread and salad. They promote their selection as being healthy, which means I was very healthy this morning.

After uploading post of Day 1, checking out of the hotel, and dropping off luggage at hotel #2, the lunch awaited in Tokyo. In the New Maru Building across Tokyo station, I found Suju, restaurant based on Nagano cuisine.

I ordered lunch set of Ginger Pork Sautee, which came with miso soup, pickles, and rice. With added umeboshi and large bottle of beer, the lunch tab was 2,530 yen ($29.08)

Heading little bit north is the Imperial Palace. Water display entertain the visitors on the outer perimeter.

Here is the moat. It's safe to say that the castle is well defended.

There were lot of pine trees on the premises...

This bridge is very famous, appearing in a lot of historic drama.

What is this rather innoculuous looking gate?

Why, it is Sakuradamon, where a famous assasination of progressive thinking senior advisor of the shogun took place. Assasination of Ii Naosuké was one of the key events preceding the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

On the walk back to the train station, a regal looking swan decided to accomodate me.

Another perspective, illustrating the width of the moat.

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