Monday, November 16, 2009

11/4/09: Reuter Charity Saké Event/ Robataya

Thomson Reuters Asia Pacific Employee Network hosted a charity saké tasting event to benefit victims of natural disaster in Asia. The event featured 3 breweries: Dassai, Akita Seishu, and Tenzan.

My evening started with a toast with Dassai "39" Sparkling Nigori.

My next stop was the Akita Seishu booth to see Ito-san (right) and my friend and sommelier Yang-san.

I especially enjoyed soft and smooth Matsukura Tokubetsu Junmai.

Right by the front entrance was this interesting character, who turned out to be Shichida-san from Tenzan Brewery. The design of the mask incorporates kanji characters of the brewery ("天" and "山").

Tenzan is known for their Genshu which is packaged in a bamboo leaf, but he brought Hitenzan Daiginjo and Junmai from Shichida brand.

As many of the audience was actually there for noble causes, the event featured saké lecture by Tim Sullivan to get the audience up to speed.

The lecture was followed by brewery introduction.

As the event lasted "only" two hours, some of us didn't have enough of a good time - time to plan for the next stop. We chose Robataya NY, which is the sister restaurant to Sakagura.

Once inside, a large counter awaits, lined by fresh ingredient to be grilled.

The counter and table area is separated by a decorative garden and water feature.

All the sakés that were ordered, naturally, were associated with the brewers. This one is light and delicate Rokushu Junmai Ginjo by Akita Seishu.

Don't believe we're having a good time? Well, then...

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