Monday, November 23, 2009

11/22/09: Day 3 in Japan, Part II - Izakaya Danjiri

Since I enjoyed Danjiri izakaya so much 2 years ago, I decided to go there again. Accompanying me this time is a teammate from my baseball team.

As we are in Hiroshima, we toasted with Ugo No Tsuki "Koiomachi" Special Junmai Ginjo, refreshingly dry saké.

As we were drinking, the food arrived. Our selections were various orders of Yakitori. This is tsukune, formed like a meatball.

Yakitori uses all parts, including cartilege (left), liver (to the right), among others. We also ordered shiitaké mushrooms.

The next two sakés were also Ugo No Tsuki, including their twisting "Black Moon" Junmai Ginjo and mineral-driven Aiyama Junmai Ginjo.

Moving on to other brands we tried Kokuryu #39 Junmai Ginjo, bit less dry but rich in umami.

By this time, we were feeling pretty good, and I am relying on my photographic evidence to indicate what we drank. My friend recommended Kyokuhou brand, so we went with their Hiroshima Hattan Junmai Ginjo.

Somewhere along the way, we also ordered a nama of some type, but I don't remember which one...

Last order was Shichi Hon Yari Yamadanishiki Junmai as I caught the sight of the bottle in the big fridge. I don't remember the taste as much as the fact that we had a blast drinking it.

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