Monday, November 23, 2009

11/22/09: Day 3 in Japan, Part III - Hasshou Okonomiyaki

Okonomi-yaki, a Japanese cuisine made like an omelette, stirs passion among people of Japan, esepcially in the western parts. In the US, it's akin to asking who makes the best pizza.

Rgionally, Osaka is known as the capital of flour-based food, so naturally, they dominate the conversation.

However, Hiroshima is also very famous for their okonomiyaki, made in a more layered style with crepe-like crust.

Tonight, my friend recommended we go to Hasshou, said to make one of the very best Hiroshima style okonomiyaki.

There was a waiting line, not surprising for a store with such reputation.

The interior was small, seating about 16. The place was run efficiently by two chefs.

Here is the process:

The chefs take order from people on the line. Like assembly line, they prepare several at a time...

...flip to make sure both sides are cooked...

...coat one side with egg, cook, then apply the secret sauce... we are, one step away from the finish...

...finally, sprinkle ao-nori, and we are done!

The verdict? This was definitely one of the very best I've ever had. The noodles were thin,firm, and chewy, and in perfect harmony with the cabbage, crepe, and sauce. The next time I'm back in town, I am definitely there!

Yup, we had a real good time!

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