Sunday, November 22, 2009

11/22/09: Day 3 in Japan, Part I - To Hiroshima

So, the hotel has this breakfast plan. Pricing for the food looks appealing (ham and sandwich for $1.25 or so.) However, you have to pay for drinks, which costs something like $8. Figuring I can have better use for my $800, I stepped right outside into McD's. Normally, I don't do McD's, but it's always fun to see the regional differences. Here, they have Mega Muffin Combo (490 yen), which includes Hash Browns and small drink (roughly 6 oz). Mega Muffin has 2 layers of sausage sandwiching American cheese-like substance, Egg, and already seasoned with ketchup.

Next to the hotel is a convenience store, where I picked up yogurt drink, stewed pork bun (角煮), and egg pudding for $405 yen.

The stewed pork bun was soooooo gooooood!

After checking out, I was on my way to Shinagawa Station to catch the Shinkansen to Hiroshima via Shin-Osaka.

One of the joys of long-distance rail travel is what they call "eki-ben," shortened term for lunch boxes sold at rail stations. I chose matsutaké mushroom lunch, although the star of the show was the marinated abalone to the left...

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